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Inwentaryzacja zasobów IT

The asset inventory service is aimed at customers with extensive IT infrastructure and those who are just beginning the digital transformation process. Having inventoried resources is necessary when implementing best practices or standards in the field of security. It also forms the foundation for creating documentation of the environment along with the network connecting them. According to current standards, knowledge of resources is an integral and required part of any infrastructure or IT project.

Methods and tools for the inventory service are selected based on the scale of infrastructure, the complexity and number of divisions in the infrastructure, the possibility of using an automation tool and the possibility of integrating the tool with the client's systems. The inventory process can be conducted remotely or locally, depending on the solutions used and the ability to access the infrastructure.

These activities can be performed using automated tools or systems based on agents installed in the infrastructure.

The service offering includes the following elements, including an optional part:
  1. training on basic inventory issues,
  2. counseling in the selection of tools and methods
  3. support in remote access configuration,
  4. execution or support for the inventory process;
  5. preparation of inventory results.
Implementing the service requires undertaking limited organizational and technical actions in order to adapt to the project. Service risk is related to the changing technical and legal conditions in the IT area (low level). Counteracting and mitigating actions will include monitoring of changes and development of experts' competences in the desired directions.

Service provided by the CyberSec project.

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